What are Oracle license audits scripts?

What are Oracle license audit scripts? Well, this is a questions that most Oracle customer only realises too late. Too late means that they are in an Oracle audit and the Oracle audit team, aka Oracle LMS, is asking the customer to run the scripts.

What often comes as a big surprise to many Oracle customers, is the type of data the scripts are able to pick up and just how far back in time that data can prove use of Oracle software. Historical use that are traced back more than 10 years is not uncommon and the Oracle audit team together with Oracle sales will be asking for you to purchase licenses to cover the need.

Analysing the scripts are almost a science in it own right, just as it is the case with the interpretation of the multitude of Oracle licensing rules and policies. Given the cost of Oracle software licenses, first step to lower the risk is to get informed and get professional help.

If you are smart, you don’t get the help from Oracle or Oracle approved partners, who driven by Oracle license sales.

Oracle license audit scripts is also known as the LMS collection tool, if you want to know more, have a look at this article from Redress Compliance:

Oracle license audit scripts

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