Oracle ULA certification – Considerations and questions you need to ask yourself!

Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is by far the most popular enterprise agreement that Oracle has on offer. It not only the most requested agreement by Oracle customers, Oracle sales and management is also very found of the agreement.

The ULA can be a fantastic agreement, but just like anything else when it comes to Oracle software and licensing, it needs to be managed to ensure compliance but also to make sure that the all important certification process is done correctly.

If the certification process is mismanaged – and there are plenty of opportunities to do so – ULA customers will suffer financially. Considering the stickiness of Oracle software, the suffering will continue for years if not decades…

Redress Compliance helps you on the way with your ULA certification with by listing a number of all important questions and consideration you need to make or ask yourself.

Oracle ULA – 22 must ask questions

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